Does my business need a city license or permit?

The City of Coon Rapids does not require a license for most types of businesses. However, certain businesses, including those selling alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, Christmas trees, or secondhand goods, must have a city license. Massage therapy businesses, bowling alleys, adult-oriented businesses, and currency exchange businesses also require a license. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 763-767-6493 for application information.

Also, different types of businesses are allowed in different zoning districts. You can check the Zoning Map to find out the zoning of a particular property and the land development regulations (City Code Chapter 11) to find out which uses are allowed. Contact the Planning Division at 763-767-6430 if you have any questions related to land use or zoning.

Even if your business does not need a city license, most types of building renovations will require at least one building permit. You can contact the Building Inspections Department at 763-767-6476 for more information.

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