Pet Licensing

Dogs must be licensed in the city of Coon Rapids. Cats must be registered. Rabies vaccinations must be kept up-to-date for both dogs and cats.

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are good for one year and cost $10. Proof of rabies vaccination is required to obtain a license. A numbered license tag is given to the owner upon purchase and must be worn on the dog collar.

How to Get a Dog License

  • Fill out the registration form (PDF) (Please note: if you have 3 or more dogs or cats or any combination thereof, you are required to obtain a Multiple Pet Permit (PDF) from the Coon Rapids Police Department in addition to a Pet License from the City Clerk's Office.)
  • Mail the form, copy of your rabies vaccination certificate and your $10 payment to: City of Coon Rapids, 11155 Robinson Drive, Coon Rapids, MN 55433. An identification tag will then be mailed to you.
  • Or purchase your license at the front desk of the Coon Rapids City Center during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

There is no license fee for a certified service dog.

More information about dog regulations can be found in the City Code.

Other Dog Rules/Codes

Dogs may not run at large and must be under control (City Code 6-117).

It is unlawful for dogs to defecate on private property without the consent of the property owner or on any public property unless the excrement is immediately removed and placed in a proper receptacle (City Code 6-127).

It is unlawful to own, keep, have in possession, or harbor any dog which howls, yelps, or barks to the reasonable annoyance of another person or persons. Animal control officers may impound the dog to stop the annoyance, if necessary (City Code 6-126).

Cat Registrations

Cats ages 6 months and older must be registered with the City. Registration tags are given out at the front desk of the Coon Rapids City Center and are free of charge. Tags must be affixed to the collar worn by the cat, containing the name and address of the owner. Please provide a copy of the rabies vaccination for your cat when you come to register your animal.

More information about cat regulations can be found in the City Code.

Cats are not permitted to run at large (City Code 6-404).