Coon Creek

Early Beginnings

Coon Creek, in the early 1800s, emptied into the Mississippi River south of the present Coon Rapids Dam area, pretty much as it does today. Raccoons populated the low swampy areas in and around Coon Creek. History tells us that land owners hunted raccoons for their pelts. Because of the abundance of the raccoons, it is probable to assume that is where the name of Coon Creek originated. The area was once called Coon Creek Rapids and of course we can assume that is because of the rapids that were prevalent therein.

Painting the Raccoon

While doing research on Coon Creek and the raccoon, it was found that the raccoon does not hibernate in the winter time. Therefore, the painting on the mural shows snow on the ground and the raccoon looking for an open space in the water of the creek to presumably wash his food.