Community Watch Team

Community Watch Team

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors who know each other look out for each other. Research has shown that a lot of the old school "neighborhood watch" groups weren't effective at preventing crime, however, the ones that were successful had a few things in common.

  1. They kept in contact with one another, even in times of low crime such as what we have in our city.
  2. They knew what was typical for their neighborhood and what wasn't.
  3. They knew when and how to get in touch with the police.
  4. They knew there is no such thing as suspicious people, but there are suspicious behaviors and those suspicious behaviors should be reported to the police right away.

The Coon Rapids Community Watch Team is a program dedicated to public/police partnerships, designed to keep the community safe.

The Community Watch Team consists of several components:

Community Crime Map - see what crimes are occurring in the city so you can be informed and help share the information with neighbors.

Report a Crime Tip - If you see a crime in progress or need an officer response, always call 911 for both emergencies and non-emergencies. However, if you wish you report a crime tip online our online form will be sent directly to the police department.

Community Camera Program - if you use an external video security system or a doorbell camera at your home or business, we have a voluntary registration system that allows officers to reach out to residents and business owners if they are investigating a crime in the area where there is a camera. Sign up for this program when you become part of the overall Coon Rapids Community Watch Team.

Stay "In the Know" - the police department shares a lot of information on Facebook and  Twitter

Night to Unite - this national annual event is designed to get neighbors to get to know each other. Each year over 100 neighborhoods in the city get involved.

Join the Community Watch Team Today

We invite you to sign up for the Community Watch Team to receive resources and information to help your neighborhood. Tips on how to formally connect with your neighbors, tips on what is and what isn't suspicious activity, how to prevent crime and safety tips will be just some of the information you will gain by being a part of the team. And if you have an external video security system and sign up for our Community Camera Program, you may also choose to receive a sticker to place on your front door or window, noting that you are a proud Coon Rapids Community Watch Team member.

See our Community Watch Team Brochure (PDF)