Wellhead Protection Plan

Clean Water Land and Legacy LogoWellhead Protection is a way to prevent the public drinking water supply from becoming polluted by managing potential sources of contamination in the areas that supply water to the public wells. Wellhead Protection Plans must be reviewed and amended every ten years.

Part one of the plan includes a delineation of the critical areas adjacent to our groundwater wells and the potential vulnerability of each well.

Part two of the plan includes an inventory of potential contamination sources and actions the City will take to address the potential contamination sources and protect the drinking water supply. Part two of the plan also includes strategies for enhancing public education regarding wellhead protection and the City's water supply. 

Read part 1 of the Wellhead Protection Plan (PDF)

Read part 2 of the Wellhead Protection Plan (PDF)

Do You Have a Well on Your Property?

Owning a well comes with responsibilities for homeowners. The following helpful links provide well owners with tips and information from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Well Owner Handbook (PDF)

Well Owner Brochure (PDF)

Class V Injection Well Info Packet (PDF)

More information from the Minnesota Department of Health Website

Do You Have a Storage Tank on Your Property?

Proper operation and maintenance of storage tanks located within the DWSMA (Drinking Water Supply Management Area) is important for ensuring that everyone in Coon Rapids has safe drinking water. An improperly operated or maintained storage tank can leak pollutants into the ground that may find their way into the City’s drinking water supply. A number of fact sheets from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency addressing proper operation and maintenance of storage tanks and requirements for tank owners under Minnesota Rules are available here: